MOTSP 2017 | April 5-7 2017 | Dubrovnik Croatia

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February 20th, 2017


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February 20th, 2017


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The International Conference Management of Technology – Step to Sustainable Production (MOTSP 2017) will take place from 5–7 April, 2017 in Dubrovnik, Croatia, as a joint project organized by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, Croatian Association for PLM and the University of North.

MOTSP 2017 conference are an occasion for researchers, scientists, engineers, and technologist from a wide variety of fields to come together to share in their sinergy of management of technology and sustainable production.
According to the Scientific Committee recommendations and special accordance between MOTSP 2017 and journals Technical Gazette (the issue will be published at the beginning of the year 2018), Transaction of FAMENA, etc. The authors of the selected papers will be invited to extend their papers for publication in the mentioned journals. We assume management of technology, stimulation of inovation, invention and transfer of technology as some of the important challenges of the developed countries and countries of transition. Technology is considered as all knowledge, products, tools, methods and applied systems in production of goods or services.

The main topics

  • Management of Technology
  • Production, Operation Management
  • Strategic, Engineering Management
  • Industrial Engineering
    • Operational Research
    • Logistics
    • Production Economics
    • Decision and Risk Analysis
    • Manufacturing Costs
    • Supply Chain Management, Total Quality Management
    • Forecasting, Technology Foresight
    • Business Intelligence
    • Maintenance, etc
  • Ergonomics
    • Aesthetic ergonomics
    • Applied ergonomics
    • Cognitive ergonomics
    • Design and product ergonomics
    • Ergonomic database, knowledge and considerations
    • Industrial ergonomics, etc.
  • Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing CAD, CAM, CAPP, CAQ
  • Nanotechnology in Production
  • Robotics and Mechatronics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Total Cost Assessment
  • Sustainable Production
    • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
    • Green Production (BAT)
    • Clean Production
    • Eco Design
    • LCM (Life Cycle Management) & Decision Supports
    • LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)
    • LCI (Life Cycle Inventory)
    • LCIA (Life Cycle Impact Assessment)
    • Extended Products
    • SLCA (Social Life Cycle Assessment)
    • Renewable Sources of EnergyEnergy Efficiency and Audit
    • Energy Efficiency and Audit
    • Eco Labeling
    • Recycling
    • Reverse Logistics
  • Financial Sustainability
  • Sustainable Transport Management
  • Sustainable Transport Management
    • Smart City
    • Car Sharing
    • Hybrid, Electrical Car, Electrical bicycle
  • Social Responsibility et at all.

Invited speakers

Remanufacturing – a step to the resource-efficient economy

Remanufacturing allows multiple usage of products in several life-cycles. It is one of the preferable reuse scenario for worn out or obsolete products. The circular economy concept is recently promoted by the European Commission. Remanufacturing has a potential to contribute to more resource efficient economy, as it creates significant savings regarding energy and materials usage.

Abstract CV Paulina Golinska-Dawson

Assistant Professor, Poznan University of Technology

Industry 4.0 and Additive Manufacturing

Modern demands on the market are putting more and more constraints on product development and production. Besides request for increasing product quality and flexibility level in product development and production, at the same time demands on costs and especially development and production time reduction are imposed.

Abstract CV Mladen Sercer

University Professor, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture Zagreb

Current trends in oil & gas drilling systems R&D with emphasis on Croatian oil & gas drilling sector

A notable portion of contemporary oil & gas drilling rigs are still equipped with mature drilling equipment such as manually-operated mechanical brake actuators for drill-string and tool weight-on- bit (WoB) and rate-of- penetration (RoP) control.

Abstract CV Danijel Pavkovic

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture Zagreb

Keynote speakers

Logistics as a Link for Sustainability and the Circular Economy

Rapid economic development, huge demand for goods and services, coupled with increasing resource scarcity, price volatility, and a seriously damaged environment force companies to move towards a circular economy. A circular economy is the concept which aims at building a closed-loop economic system from resources, products to recyclable resources.

Abstract CV Sanda Renko

Full Professor, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb

Genetic programming and Store Steel Ltd.

Store Steel Ltd. is one of the biggest spring steel producers in Europe. Steelmaking in Store begins with scrap melting in an electro-arc furnace in steel plant. The melting bath, which is heated up to tapping temperature according to further treatment procedures, is discharged into the casting ladle.

Abstract CV Miha Kovacic

Associate Professor, Store Steel Ltd steel plant,

Aging European populations: a challenge for ergonomics in the face of Industry 4.0

The vast majority of European countries is faced with the challenge of demographic change taking place within their societies. Population aging, characteristic of developed countries, is a decrease in the proportion of the working population, which makes it necessary to find ways to compensate for limited human resources.

Abstract CV Marcin Butlewski

Associate Professor, Poznan University of Technology, Poland

Why we need a Sustainability Enterprises Risk Management?

SRisk management is a very broad and important task in the management area. Risk management means applying a systematic approach to assessing and acting on risks in order to ensure that organisational objectives are achieved. Many papers deal with risk management issues in the areas of strategy, operations, finance and information security.

Abstract CV Jiří Tupa

Academic, University of West Bohemia, Pilsen

Conference Fees

Early conference fee until March 15th 2017: EUR 460
Late conference fee before April 3rd 2017: EUR 490
The Conference fee includes welcome drink, attendance to all sessions, proceedings, backpack, 2 lunches, coffee breaks, gala dinner, et .

Other Fees

Excursion to the old city of Dubrovnik April 5th 2017: 9 EUR
Conference dinner April 6th 2017: 60 EUR
Excursion to Cavtat – Konavle: April 7th 2017: 70 EUR (included lunch)


Croatian Association for PLM

Ivana Lucica 1,
10000 Zagreb,

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture

University of Zagreb,
Ivana Lučića 5,
10000 Zagreb, Croatia

University of North

Trg Zarka Dolinara 1,
48 000 Koprivnica,




Predrag Cosic (Chairman) –
Gordana Baric –
Goran Dukic –
Tihomir Opetuk –
Maja Trstenjak –
Max Regenfelder


Barić G. (Croatia)
Bachman B. (USA)
Bouras A. (France)
Canen A.G. (Brazil)
Ćosić P. (Croatia)
Dolinšek S. (Slovenia)
Đukić G. (Croatia)
Gečevska V. (Macedonia)
Guenther H.O. (Germany)
Hirz, M. (Austria)
Hršak D. (Croatia)
Jerbić B. (Croatia)
Keran Z. (Croatia)
Kondić Ž. (Croatia)
Kozarac, D. (Croatia)
Krajnik P. (Sweden)
Kunica Z. (Croatia)
Menipaz E. (Israel)
Milković M. (Croatia)
Opalić M. (Croatia)
Ozturk, A (Japan)
Perković, L. (Croatia)
Petković D. (BiH)
Poppeova V. (Slovakia)
Raos P. (Croatia)
Regenfelder M. (Germany)
Renko S. (Croatia)
Savescu D. (Romania)
Sawik T. (Poland)
Sihn W. (Austria)
Vučković, K. (Croatia)
Žmak I. (Croatia)


Bachman B. (Usa)
Cala I. (Hr)
Catic I. (Hr)
Cosic I. (Srb)
Duplancic I. (Hr)
Ekinovic S. (Bih)
Filetin T. (Hr)
Gerasymchuk V.(Ua)
Guenter H. O. (Ger)
Juraga I. (Hr)
Kane, M. (By)
Katalinic B. (A)
Kennedy D. (Irl)
Kusiak A. (Usa)
Mamuzic I. (Hr)
Oluic C. (Hr)
Opalic M, (Hr)
Marjanovic D. (Hr)
Mudronja V. (Hr)
Opalic, M. (Hr)
Plancak M. (Srb)
Polajnar A. (Slo)
Sercer M. (Hr)
Udiljak T (Hr)
Zizmond E. (Slo)

Honorary sponsors

Croatian Academy of Engineering

Ministry of Science, Education and Sports

Ministry of Environment and Energy

Croatian Employment Service